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Simply put, cloud computing is a method of delivering various services over the Internet. Examples are applications such as data storage, servers, databases, networks and software.

Cloud computing is a popular option because of its many advantages, such as free trial cloud servers, Singapore dedicated servers, free trial vps, website builder vps servers and free cloud hosting.

Streaming Video & About Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing is named because information is accessed remotely in a “cloud” or virtual room. Allows its users to store files and applications from a remote server.

Cloud computing can be public or private. Public Cloud provides its services to the public on the Internet. On the other hand, the private cloud provides its services to only a few people.

Use Of Cloud Computing Service

In addition to a variety of services, cloud computing offers its users a variety of functions, such as:

Email the Zimbra Mail service for example

Storage, backup, data recovery

Create and test applications

Analyze the data

Audio and video streaming

Technology Cloud

Cloud computing is a system consisting of three main services:

1. Software-a-Service (SaaS) involves licensing software applications to its users.

2. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) includes the method of sending files from the operating system to the server and storage. Popular examples of this type are Public Cloud from Indonesian Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

3. Platform-a-service (PaaS) is said to be the most complex. Examples of PaaS are and Heroku.


So cloud computing has two factors in common in general, namely data centers that are outside and must have internet to access them. Server resources in this data center are pooled to create a very large platform ready to accommodate virtual services.

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